What does it mean to “shine your light”?

When we were born, we all came here with this relentless and radiant sparkle in our eyes. The innocence, love and trust has been bursting out from our tiny cute bodies. The simple joy of being here and now, the happiness with all that is coming our way and the true unconditional love for all there is. And it is exactly this pure essence of who we trully are, that has been somehow diminishing year by year.

There is no one to blame for it, that is how we grew up, how our parents and their parents were raised…with the piercing focus on progress and evolution on the material level. Luckily the conscious parenting referring to and bringing forth the authentic values has always been part of the collective mind set, but only in minority rather than wide spread phenomena.

And this is where I come in.


To help you find what’s been snoozing inside of you, the immaculate power, the knowing, the joy and the love that can lift your life to a whole new experience…


...filled with ease, abundance and happiness!

And how do I be it?


No more, than by sharing what I learned and tested myself. In my understanding of how to live fully, joyfully, reaching the edges or going beyond our own potentials, we need to live and breath from that sacred space in the middle of our bodies. The heart has all the answers and grace to overcome whatever comes our way.

There are 3 ways, how I can help you to open that space…through Laughter Yoga, Theta Healing and Access Consciousness Bars. The whole combo works like a magic! Your heart, your eyes and all the other senses will suddenly see a world from a different and profound perspective…telling you clearly and loudly


“I am the creator of my life”!

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